Greetings Horizon family members and friends,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all stakeholders for a successful school year as the principal of Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School.

HSA has always been STEM and college prep oriented institution. The challenge to sustain the tradition of excellence with so many accomplishments and being rewarded with a Blue Ribbon award is certainly a big one. I can wholeheartedly say that the success would not have been possible without our dedicated and passionate educators working tirelessly to provide a great education to our students.

HSA’s college acceptance rate has been over 95% in the last several years. With great pride and honor, I’d like to announce that our students, as a whole, have shown “above and beyond” academic growth according to the latest Local Report Cards announced by Ohio Department of Education.

Our School is a community of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Being a part of a workplace where all these diversity creates a unique, welcoming and positive school culture which is an awesome experience for everyone. We celebrate and enjoy the cultural richness which makes our community even wealthier and stronger.

Please feel free to communicate with us if you should have any questions and suggestions.



Ugur Zengince, M.Ed.