Summer Programs / Camps

We encourage our students to apply to summer programs, learn new skills and expand their horizons. All of these summer programs are either free or can be free if eligible for scholarships.


Kenyon College Summer Program ( Free with Scholarship )

We offer Kenyon College classes at our school and we encourage our students to participate to their summer program, every year we have students participate.

OSU Medical Camp( Free with Scholarship )
Every year some of our students attend to this program, very educative and enriching.

OSU Nursing Camp ( Free with Scholarship )
Another OSU program our students participate every year.

West Point Summer Camp (Free)
West Point is the leading military school as good as the most elite colleges in the nation like Harvard, Princeton or OSU. Every year our students participate in this competition too.

United States Naval Academy ( Free )

Similar to West Point, Naval Academy is also one of the best colleges in the nation, they offer multiple types of summer progams.

Ottorbein University
Otterbein University organizes multiple summer programs for different interests.