STEMCON Achievement

Consef adn STEM EXPO

April 2017- Congratulations to the CONSEF STEM team!  The team won 1st place Top School Overall!!! Martha Cibasu was accepted to National Science Fairs Isweep and Genius. Overall, students earned 5 Best in Category, 7 Gold medals, and 2 Silver Medals!


Emmanuella Welsh

Sumaya Yusuf


Eunice Otasanya

Mary Anno

Rickey Brunson

Fadumo Ali

Luqman Suleiman

Josh Fingerhut

Romell Curry

Best in Botany: Alyssa Ziegler

Best in Computer Science: Anton Colvin Jr.

Best in Microbiology: Martha Cibasu

Best in Health: Dikchhya Khatiwoda

Best in Zoology: Yakai Kamara

STEM Expo winners:

Emmanuella Opoku

Emmanuel Opoku

Marcus Johnson

Edith Haeder

Andres Resendiz

Jami Mohamed