Science Accomplishments

HSA students participated in a wide variety of science events this year.  Our annual local science fair drew over 100 students to complete.  We placed the top three students in each of 6 categories.

Eleven of the top placings from our school science fair went on to compete at the Central District Science Fair, and three competed at the Ohio State Science fair.  Martha Ciabasu won the Columbus State Community College award at the district for excellent use of the scientific method.  She also won an award at the State competition.
IMG_1006 IMG_1007 IMG_1008
Believe in Ohio is a program that encourages students to be scientists, engineers, and innovators.  The HSA Believe in Ohio local competition submitted 12 entries and three went on to the Regional Level.  Amenah Mohammad won $200, Doua Mohammad $150 and Hadia Bousso $150.
The Fairchild Challege, through Franklin Park Conservatory, is a multi faceted competition with an emphasis on the community and environment.  HSA students competed in all 4 levels this year and brought home 1st place in Central Ohio.  The first competition was a cooking competition using locally sourced produce.  Sisters Martha and Suzanne Cibasu won 2nd place in the competition.  Next was a comic strip art competition about plants adapting to adverse environments.  HSA student Helen Prescod won 1st, Ayah Selim 4th, and Ava Robinson 5th.  The third competition was a narrative interview with three elders about their use of plants.  Hadia Bousso won 1st place, Awo Ali-Hashi 2nd, and Hannah Kollie 4th in the competition.  Finally the HSA students created a citizen science project to assess the need for recycling in the school lunch room.  They created a news style video and won 1st place in the fourth competition.
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