Our student went to Europe for IFLC


The focus of the International Festival of Language and Culture is world peace brought about through friendship, kindness, and love. Students from nearly 200 countries gather to share their talents in musical presentations that include song and dance.  Although there are language and cultural differences, they are not barriers; instead, they are opportunities to learn about different languages and cultures firsthand by witnessing and experiencing them with new friends. Students worked hard in rehearsals under the supervision of production managers to produce musical performances that draw thousands of spectators to each event including top governmental officials.  During this European tour, we were in six cities in four countries over a period of three weeks: Bucharest, Romania; Linz and Vienna, Austria; Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland; and Dusseldorf, Germany.  There were four musical productions, one of which was a voice competition in which Iyanna placed third.  In addition, Iyana participated in a two-day Model United Nations conference on the rights of children. The final event in Germany was a culmination of 500 students in the ISS Dome arena which was packed with spectators for a remarkable, engaging three-hour performance.