Colleges in Ohio

College Search

American Universities
Gives access to online college catalogs for American colleges and universities.

Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio
Provides the most comprehensive Internet site on Ohio’s private college sector.

Offers a broad selection of educational options including community schools, law and medical schools, and MBA programs. Includes schools in Canada and New Zealand. Provides form letter for letters of interest and a scholarship search option.

Database for college searches based on various criteria.

Best known of college search sites: enables college search by selected criteria: also offers links to college home pages.

Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities
Makes information available about the thirteen member colleges and universities in the Greater Cincinnati area. Area colleges and universities include three state supported universities, a private university, several private liberal arts and / or special program college, two specialized graduate institutions, and a technical and community college.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Database available regarding admission process, majors, scholarships, campus views, etc. of historically black colleges and universities.

Ohio Public Universities
Provides information regarding the thirteen public universities in the state of Ohio.

Peterson’s Education and Career Center
Based on the Peterson publications, offers a very broad range of educational resources, including a K-12 school directory, job links, career information and distance learning programs. Only site to offer a keyword search of college descriptions and links to professionals who will perform college searches for a fee. Lots of advertising.

Study Abroad
Listed are thousands of academic programs in more than 100 countries throughout the world, with links to study abroad programs, academic courses

US News Colleges and Career Center
Based on the college issue of US News and World Report, includes articles on college search, ranking, financial aid, career and graduate study. Coverage is broad but not deep.

Features a database of information gathered by gocollege on 1500 colleges. Order a limited scholarship search for $9.

Features databases of information gathered by Kaplan from surveys filled out by college officials on 1200 colleges. Enables students to pull up side by side comparison of information from different colleges.

College directory – user friendly
inside look at college admissions and scholarships and campus life
one stop resource for college related information
virtual campus tours and college information
free website for students to register resume, interests for colleges to see.
non profit organization with an online catalog of catholic universities
official College Board site for college searches
search engine with wide ranging criteria including diversity, religious affiliation, athletics