Fairfield Challenge Winners

Our school has competed in the first two competitions of the Fairchild Challenge this year.  The Challenge is an international competition through our local Franklin Park Conservatory.  The challenges are varied but center on sustainability and the environment.
Our school was 2nd place in the first challenge which was a cooking competition.  We scored 1st, 4th, and 5th in the comic strip challenge #2. In the challenge students chose one plant species, investigated how this species have responded to environmental changes and documented the changes the species is making through an 8-panel comic strip.
 We are currently in the lead as a school.
We congratulate our students and wish them the best luck in the next two challenges.
Here are the students and their work:
From left to right:
Mrs.Edwards – Art Teacher

First Place: Helen Prescod
4th Place: Ayah Selim
5th Place: Ava Robinson

Here are the winning projects:
Fairchild project (Monday December 14, 2015 11_18 AM, EST)
Fairchild project (Monday December 14, 2015 11_06 AM, EST)