Community Service Hours

Community Service Hours

We believe that all of us, students and adults, owe our communities for their services and support. As a part of giving back to our community, all of our students need to complete 40 hours of community service during the high school year.

If you have other concerns or questions, please contact your college counselor. 



1. Community service requires Community Service Hours form to be completed and approved. The form can be found at the Counselor’s Office.

2. A school counselor is in charge of community service.

3. Students should plan a project that extends over a period of time. (Example: regularly scheduled weekend visits to a home for the elderly.)

4. Membership in a service club or organization does not constitute service. However, if the club performs service activities in the community or school beyond club meeting times, this may be counted as service. Projects must be exclusive of class meeting times to amass credit.

5. Teachers and club sponsors may submit a “Sponsor Proposal” to facilitate approval of a project. After approval, the individual student forms must be completed.

6. Students may choose from a list of outside-authorized community agencies to plan a project not directly supervised by school personnel. The project need not be school-related but must be pre-approved by the school counselor.”

7. Community service projects may be completed at school or in the community.

8. Service MAY NOT be performed during the school day. Service must be performed on the students’ own time. Students cannot receive community service credit for projects and/or activities completed as part of the class.

9. Students may not receive payment for services.

10. A fundraising activity is not considered community service unless the money is being collected for an approved non-profit charity. Funds raised for a field trip or any club, sport, or class purpose do not constitute community service.

11. Service MAY NOT be performed for family members or for profit-making organizations.

12. Services performed due to disciplinary actions taken by the school or by the courts are not considered community service and does not meet this graduation requirement. Student participation must be voluntary to constitute service.

13. Service must be something that a student does to help others or the community. It is not something that a student
does for him/herself. Horizon Science Academy requests a substantial number of forty-hour community service for a diploma.

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