Chromebook Distribution, Return and Maintenance Directions

Chromebook Distribution/Return Directions

Horizon Science Academy Columbus High cares for students to reach their educational goals in a safe environment even through the summer. We have decided to provide students the opportunity to keep their school assigned Chromebooks through the summer.

If you don’t wish to keep the Chromebook through the summer, you may drop it off with the provided charger to the school on Jun 3rd between 1 pm – 6 pm

If you have not re-enrolled yet or are not planning on returning to HSA Columbus High for the next school year, please drop off your assigned device by appointment or drop off on Jun 3rd between 1 pm – 6 pm. You can also email to to schedule a drop off appointment for a different day. School records/transcripts will not be released to your new school for enrollment until the assigned device has been returned.

If you need to pickup your chrome, please contact with Mr. Meydan at to schedule a time to pick up.

Please read Chromebook Policy, Procedures, and Information Handbook prior to your visit.


Chromebook Maintenance and Replacement Information

If you had a Chromebook broken or malfunctioning, you may contact Mr. Meydan at to schedule an appointment to get the Chromebook fixed.

Note: All cost of the repair resulted from misuse or neglect will be billed to parents as indicated in the Chromebook Policy, Procedures, and Information Handbook