Consef adn STEM EXPO

Congratulations to the CONSEF STEM team!  The team won 1st place Top School Overall!!! Martha Cibasu was accepted to National Science Fairs Isweep and Genius. Overall, students earned 5 Best in Category, 7 Gold medals, and 2 Silver Medals!


Emmanuella Welsh

Sumaya Yusuf


Eunice Otasanya

Mary Anno

Rickey Brunson

Fadumo Ali

Luqman Suleiman

Josh Fingerhut

Romell Curry

Best in Botany: Alyssa Ziegler

Best in Computer Science: Anton Colvin Jr.

Best in Microbiology: Martha Cibasu

Best in Health: Dikchhya Khatiwoda

Best in Zoology: Yakai Kamara

STEM Expo winners:

Emmanuella Opoku

Emmanuel Opoku

Marcus Johnson

Edith Haeder

Andres Resendiz

Jami Mohamed