STEM FAIR 2018-2019

The annual STEM fair was held on Saturday, 11/17/2019, at the high school. There were a total of 72 scheduled projects, and 57 of them spanning over 14 categories competed at the event. 
While the STEM fair is traditionally tied to the Science Department, completion of STEM projects require a multi-disciplinary approach, and hence students participating at STEM events are representing their knowledge and skills acquired through all courses taught at our school. In light of Thanksgiving week, we would like to thank our HSA family for their continuous hard-work and support. We would like to thank the Mathematics and engineering departments for providing the mathematical and engineering background to these students to quantify their data, language arts and ELL departments for laying the groundwork for the students to effectively communicate their project through completion of a written report, social studies department for providing the social contexts for their background research and for sharpening their socio-emotional skills required to communicate to the judges, art department for giving these students the perspectives on aesthetics, and the tools to make their presentations presentable, and the technology and guidance departments for teaching them methods to effectively use technological resources, and to navigate research and design options through available networking tools. 
Following are the results. The best project in each category was completed by the following students.
Behavioral Science – Alyssa Ziegler
Biochemistry – Afua Bonna
Botany – Hailey Manuel
Chemistry – Kwame Nyarkoh-Ocran
Computer Science – Nana Yeboah
Earth & Space Science – Kelsy Ayuk
Electronics/Engineering – Sabriye Mohamed
Environmental Science – Idil Ali
Health Science – Paree Chinary
Material Science – Ayah Mesbah
Mathematics – Fatima Shauri
Micro-biology – Appiah Livingston
Physics – Asantewa Bonna
Zoology – Hafsa Qalinle
Overall Scores:
1st – Paree Chinary
2nd – Afua Bonna
3rd – Kwame Nyarkoh-Ocran