Parent Testimonials Student Testimonials Staff Testimonials Media Testimonials   PARENT TESTIMONIALS 5/12/2015 I am a single mother of four boys I never expected a rose and a card from my son’s school delivered to me on  Mother’s Day. It was like sending me on a vacation that I will soon be blessed with one day. […]

Summer Programs / Camps

We encourage our students to apply to summer programs, learn new skills and expand their horizons. All of these summer programs are either free or can be free if eligible for scholarships.   Kenyon College Summer Program ( Free with Scholarship ) We offer Kenyon College classes at our school and we encourage our students […]


C-TECH CISCO CERTIFICATE PROGRAM COLUMBUS Description: A new cohort certificate program at C-Tech Columbus especially designed for Concept Schools Alumni! Short-term CISCO Certificate Program This is a one-year cohort program for Concept Alumni who wish to earn a Short-term CISCO Certificate from C-Tech. The program is especially designed for Concept Alumni, so you will learn […]

Fairfield Challenge Winners

Our school has competed in the first two competitions of the Fairchild Challenge this year.  The Challenge is an international competition through our local Franklin Park Conservatory.  The challenges are varied but center on sustainability and the environment. Our school was 2nd place in the first challenge which was a cooking competition.  We scored 1st, […]