Quest Bridge Finalist

This year 3 of our seniors (left to right) Xafsa Aden, Madeleine Lane and Chelson Cherestal have been announced Quest Bridge Finalist.                 This year Quest Bridge received over 15,000 applications and only one third is announced as a finalist. Founded in 1994, QuestBridge is a national nonprofit […]

College Reps

Representatives from colleges and universities visit Horizon Science Academy during the school day to give presentations about their schools and to meet HSA students and answer their questions. These visits are held in College & Career Composition classes. This year HSA students had the opportunity to meet with College Reps from: OTTERBEIN UNIVERSITY CSSC UNIVERSITY […]

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CYSP on Social Media

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CYSP Parent Night

September 2017- We had a meeting with out CYSP students, parents and mentors at our school. It was a beneficial meeting for CYSP to make a good start. Thank you to our all participants for making this program happened. [Show as slideshow]