District Science Fair Results

19 of the 20 scheduled projects from our school participated in the annual District Science fair held at the Columbus State Community college on Saturday, March 16, 2019. 9 of the 19 participating projects were rated in the superior category making them eligible to compete at the Ohio State Science fair. The remaining ten projects were rated Excellent. 
Following are the students whose projects were rated superior and excellent.
Superior ratings:                       Excellent Ratings
1. Afua Bonna                             1. Ayah Mesbah
2. Albert Kargbo                          2. Elysa Kwaw
3. Alyssa Ziegler                         3. Fatima Shauri
4. Asantewa Bonna                     4. Hailey Manuel
5. Esther Quaye                          5. Kwame Nyarkoh Ocran
6. Hafsa Qalinle                           6. Mohamed Ahmed
7. Javontay James                       7. Najma Salad
8. Nickolas Gomes                       8. Norman Tre Tidmore
9. Sabriye Mohamed                    9. Paree Chinary
                                                    10. Zainab Conteh
Afua Bonna also won the special awards qualifying her for the Buckeye Science and Engineering fair – a path to become eligible to compete at the international event – Intel Science and Engineering fair.
Congratulations to all of the students who participated!