Assists in planning and assessing the educational programs; encourages planning of innovative education programs, assists teachers in implementing such efforts when appropriate; encourages the use of technology in the instructional process; assists in organization of school improvement plan with staff, parents, and community members; helps School Principal to design, manage, and implement information systems to manage and track progress on school goals and academic excellence indicators; assists School Principal in interviewing, selecting and orienting new employees; oversees school’s operations in Principal’s absence; assists in scheduling student activities by participating in the development of class schedules, teacher assignments, and extracurricular activity schedules; oversees student attendance records and assists the Administrative Assistant on truancy issues; documents needs of schools academic in order to compile Annual Report with school administrators and staff; holds parent/teacher/student conferences in regard to student and school issues; conveys the school’s mission to the public and encourage support in accomplishing the mission; illustrates understanding of school and community needs and begins activities to meet those needs;

Master’s degree in Education, Educational Leadership, or Philology plus 24 months full-time experience in proffered job or in principal position at K-12 school environment; must have experience in organizing parent-teacher meetings and scheduling student and extracurricular activities; MF, 40 hrs/wk; Send resume to Ugur Zengince, Horizon Educational Services of Columbus, Inc, 1070 Morse Road, Columbus, OH 43229


You may check our sister schools’ available positions and apply through here.

Please email for any questions.

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