Robotics Teams 2017

Our robotics teams #9828 Ultron Unit and #13020 Quantum Reapers had their first competition (qualifying tournament ) in Newark Ohio. There were 22 teams from three different states showed their best efforts with gracious professionalism in the tournament.

Our rookie team Quantum Reapers had an impressive beginning and played in finals in their first tournament without having any previous experience. They were awarded the trophy of finalist.

Our senior team Ultron Unit was also had a fantastic beginning. We won all games in the tournament and got the 1st place. We were awarded the trophy of winners and advanced to the FTC State Championship in Cincinnati. We will compete against elite teams of the state in the championship.

Thanks to everyone who supported our teams. A special thank to Mr. Farah who spent most of his free time with robotics teams. He has also showed his generosity by setting a training field into his classroom (it occupies almost 1/3 of the classroom), so our teams had a chance to make practice before the tournaments.

Please congratulate our robotics teams members when you see.

Ulteron Unit: Jason, Alan, Jesus, Tre’, Christian, and Brian
Quantum Reapers: Justin, Jeremiah, Jesse, Alex, Najip, Araam, Tyler